Anna of Arendelle

Welcome to Anna’s section of Solstice! The majority of this section is written by Cherri. She is the younger sister and thus understands many of the motivations of younger sisters. There is, however, a specific section here that is afforded to Snow’s thoughts as an older sister on Anna’s behavior.

Anna is very important to me because she is also a little sister and I can relate to her quite a bit, not perfectly but I get where she is coming from. She tries so hard to get her sister’s attention and just doesn’t want to be alone. Anna wants to be at her sister’s side as that’s what I want too. Just to be near her and hang out. I know my sister would never hurt me intentionally and I feel very close to Elsa and Anna because of my own older sister.

Little Sister How Anna acts as a younger sister.
Adventurer Her role as an Adventurer
Snow's Thoughts A big sister's thoughts on a lil sis
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