Younger Sister

As a little sister Anna is very needy! (I’m the same way.) She can’t sleep at night so she bothers her sister until Elsa gives in to play in the snow. They are very close as children and I adore that about them. Then one day the King and Queen decide to separate the two girls without any explanation! (At least, this is from Anna’s perspective as she has no idea why she and Elsa are suddenly separated.) Elsa and Anna were about 8 and 6 (respectively) at the time, Elsa knew more or less why but no one explained anything to Anna. I feel that after the accident (Anna got excited and was jumping from ice pillar to pillar and Elsa couldn’t keep up and caught her in the head) that led to their separation Anna didn’t get a lot of attention afterwards because her parents spent more time telling Elsa “conceal, don’t feel”. I’m sure they spent time with Anna but not as much time as they did with Elsa.

Every day for years Anna would ask Elsa out to play but she never replied. They were both very lonely and after their parents died it made things worse. It got so bad that Anna was talking to the portraits on the walls. Finally on Elsa’s coronation they got to see each other for longer than a passing. The two sisters were reunited by their love for chocolate. Though things took a turn for the worst when Anna wanted to get married to a guy she just met because she is much too trusting. Elsa wouldn’t agree to it. Anna wanted Hans and his 12 brothers to move into the palace. I think Anna wanted more people in but Elsa was afraid to let in more people because of her powers. Anna believed that “Love in an open door” which leads me to believe she felt unloved because all the doors were shut. She didn’t have anyone and she felt like she might have been losing Elsa. The girls break out into a fight and Elsa shows her powers and flees.

Anna is surprised by this but still defends her sister. “Elsa isn’t a monster” and “I’ll go after her because she would never hurt me” was what she said before she took off after her older sister. Anna also felt like she needed to apologize for what she said at Elsa’s coronation. She said “All you know how to do is shut people out” and immediately felt terrible after the look on Elsa’s face. I’ve been there; I’ve seen that look on my own sister. It’s terrible. Even after that they are able to get along later and don’t even hold it against each other.

Finally when Elsa does return (not really by choice) and thinks Anna is dead and Hans is trying to kill her for being a traitor. There is a giant ice storm and Anna comes to Elsa’s rescue. No matter what they said or did to each other matters because they love each other. Anna turns to crystal as Hans strikes with his sword protect Elsa from the blade. Elsa gets up and hugs Anna and just cries. Of course Anna unthaws and hugs her back. They make amends and decide to keep the castle doors open. They get to spend every day together playing like when they were children.