Elsa of Arendelle

Welcome to Elsa’s section of Solstice ! The majority of this section is written by Snow. She is the older sister and thus understands many of the motivations of older sisters. There is, however, a specific section here that is afforded to Cherri’s thoughts as a little sister on Elsa’s behavior.

Elsa is very close to my heart. I know what it’s like to be an isolated older sister. It has been my mission since I became a sister to give my little sister everything she could ever want or need. It could be argued that this is even at the cost of myself. I have been a leader, I have been a friend, and I have been a protector. By all that is good in this world, I have been a sister and pillar of support that is there when no one else is. I have given laughter. Along with all of that, I am also certain that I have been a heartache and a great cause for her loneliness. I have caused tears. Like Elsa, everything I do for my sister that causes her to smile there is something there that causes her loneliness and sadness. It is not always of obvious actions, sometimes the things I do have unforeseen consequences. It’s my sister that worries; it’s my sister that cries. It is Anna that’s all alone at the end of the day just wanting someone to reach out to her.

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