Site Information

Originally we were going to make individual Anna and Elsa sites. However, our main focus of the individual sites was leaning very heavily toward the sister realtionship and dynamic. Instead of doing them seperately, we decided that a joint site to sisters by sisters was a much better idea. We broke up the tasks so that the majority of Anna's pages would still be made by Cherri, while Elsa's would be made by Snow. This fit in with our initial ideas but allowed us to work together. In addition, we didn't have a joint site together despite all the sites and work we've done. It was high time to fix that and what better way than a tribute to our two new favorite Disney Princesses?

We chose the name Solstice to honor the day we saw Frozen, December 21, 2013, which happens to be the Winter Solstice. In addtion, we felt that the general idea of the sun standing still fit well with the sisters that live in isolation. Their lives are "on hold". It is not until the sisters are truly reunited do they really start living and experiencing life. It is through their time together that they are able to change and overcome obstacles.


We do not own Frozen. Frozen belongs to Disney in all it's glory and fantasticalness. This is a fansite made by two sisters to honor a sister story that finally did it right. All thoughts and opinions are property of the owners unless otherwise stated. We mean no harm or disprespect. We are sisters and we respect the sisterly relationship. For that reason, there may be much ranting, raving, crying, and screaming. We understand, we know.

We only collect your information for the clique, but we do not do sell or intend to sell it. We only need your information to add you and in case we need to email you. Thank you for your understanding!