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Welcome to Solstice's Protect a Princess Clique. The idea of this clique is to protect or claim a princess. Basically, we thought it would be cool to include a clique with our princesses. Especially since we love them so much! Who doesn't want to save princesses and slay dragons? And yes, saving princesses from dragons is usually the way it goes. The two aren't mutually exclusive though. We do not promise that protecting a princess will allow you to slay or even encounter dragons or adventures. We also cannot promise that your princess won't be in another castle!


  1. When joining please include your name (or nickname), url, email address, and the princess (queen or leading lady) of your choice and where's she from (the game, book, movie, manga, etc).
  2. This clique is not first come first served. Princesses can have many protectors. You can protect up to two princesses but they must be for different sites. So, you can join the clique twice if you want, the real key is to have two sites to do it with.
  3. Although this is a Disney site, the clique itself allows any princess of your choosing. Basically, you can just pick your favorite lady and we'll accept her.
  4. Please place your code up before joining (or right after) in an accessibly viewable place. We check email daily, so it shouldn't be too hard for us to get you added quickly.
  5. Unfortunately, we only accept sites in English at the moment. Thank you for your understanding!


Proudly protecting Elsa!
Protect a Princess ♥ Anna
Protector .::. Rapunzel
Garnet's Protector.
Ashelia ~*~ Protect a Princess
Keeping Yvaine out of trouble.

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The Protected

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Kidagakash :: Espo

Beauty and the Beast

Belle :: Saya

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Lucina :: Crystal


Elsa :: SnowRayjah

Anna :: Cherri


Mulan :: Sarah


Fiona :: Loki

Super Mario

Princess Daisy :: Aa-chan

Princess Peach Toadstool :: Robin

Wreck It Ralph

Vanellope :: Mikari