Cherri's Thoughts

I want to say that I do love Elsa, I just don’t agree with everything she does. As a child she brings so much joy to her sister. Else freezes a great hall to make a playroom with snowmen and ice sculptures, just anything to make Anna happy. It turns sours when Anna gets too excited and Elsa hit her in the head accidently hurting her. Then Elsa gets yelled at after she calls her parents. I don’t really agree with Elsa getting scolded for that. Though Anna is able to get help, the sisters are separated. I feel that after that Elsa got more attention from their parents than Anna did. I do believe this was hard on the both of them and shapes who they are later.

Elsa just cries on the other side of the door or tells Anna to go away (at least she talked as a child). Elsa later just stops and just sits there. It gets a bit worse after their parents die in a storm out at sea. She cries as Anna tries to reach out to her. Both are lonely and need comfort but the door remains shut. She just sits there are cries. I think that she did that because she was afraid that if she hugged Anna, she would have frozen her solid. But I think a warm hug is what they needed.

When Elsa does see Anna at the coronation, she’s really happy to see her. She still loves her little sister very much. (And in return is still loved by Anna.) Though when Anna tells Elsa she is marrying a man she just met, Elsa grows upset. I don’t blame her; I would have the same reaction. While love at first sight and soul mates exists, I just couldn’t give my sister away. Like Elsa, I’m not just going to let the first man my sister is in love with take her away. Even though we want them to be happy, marrying someone they just met isn’t going to happen. Anna does get upset by this and a fight breaks out. Elsa reveals her ice powers and is shocked and runs. Runs from her sister, her castle and her people. She is scared and I get that. I don’t agree with running though.

When Elsa is out on her own, she seems like a totally different woman. She’s happy! And that bothers me just a little bit because she didn’t seem as happy when she was with Anna. Elsa is no longer isolated, she doesn’t have to live in fear or anything; she can be herself. And while that is great, I feel she could have been all that and more with Anna. When Anna does go after her, Elsa is happy but refuses to go back and another fight happens. This time ending with Elsa hitting Anna with ice in the chest and creating a giant snow golem (not to hurt them but to get them away). I don’t think Elsa realized that she hit her sister.

Later when castle guards show up, Elsa has to defend herself because a few are trying to kill her but Hans talks her out of it and a chandelier falls and knocks Elsa out. When she comes too she is marked as a traitor by Hans for killing Princess Anna. This almost destroys Elsa, there is a giant ice storm on top of the frozen Arendelle (because she froze it when she ran). I get why Elsa was so hurt, it wasn’t being called a traitor. It was because she thought she killed the most important person to her. Then when Hans catches up to her and is about to strike her down, Anna appears right in front of her to take the blade. But Anna turns into crystal and the sword shatters. All Elsa can do now is hug her sister and cry. Though Anna unfreezes and they are happy again. After that Elsa realizes how to control her magic and sets Adendelle back to summer. I think she had an ephiany otherwise that makes no sense how she is able to do that. She even creates a little flurry for Olaf so he doesn’t melt. Elsa is actually very kind and caring, just not always articulate.

She even gets along with the townspeople creating ice for them, so they don’t get too hot. Before, Elsa wasn’t a good queen or a good sister. But after nearly losing everything she gains the confidence to be both and tells Anna “the doors remain open.”