Anna grows a lot during her adventure to bring Elsa back to stop the eternal winter she caused because of the fight she got into with Anna. After Elsa runs away from the party and Anna decides to go after her without a clue as to where she is. She believes that Elsa would never hurt her and that she can stop the winter. She sets out in her summer formals and a cloak but soon loses her horse and ends up at Oaken’s Lodge. This is where she meets Kristof and Sven. She convinces them to take her to the Northern Mountain after she buys them their supplies and some winter attire.

On the way to the mountain she speaks with Kristof who thinks she is crazy for wanting to marry a man she just met. It goes from bad to worse quickly, wolves attack and Kristof loses his sleigh. Later they meet Olaf, a snowman who likes warm hugs that Elsa would often create for Anna as children. This makes Anna more determined to bring her sister back.

When she finally reaches the Ice Citadel, Anna is in awe because she knows that Elsa created it. She thinks it beautiful and makes everyone wait outside. During the confrontation of the sisters, Anna wants Elsa to return and stop the winter but Elsa says she can’t. Anna believes she can still do it. Neither side relents and Elsa accidently hits Anna through the chest with ice. The boys come in and Elsa summons an ice golem to get them away but not to necessarily harm them. The group gets away from the ice golem and meets the trolls (Kristof’s family). Since Anna was hit with the ice again, the trolls tell them what needs to happen. True love will break the curse. Kristof then takes Anna to Hans who turns out to be a huge jerk and Kristof comes back during the giant ice storm that Elsa creates because Hans told her that Anna was dead because of her.

Well Anna is still alive and saves Elsa from Hans. Her love for her sister saves the day and Elsa. Then everything is alright and there is a lot of love. Anna even ends up with Kristof and has her sister by her side once again. Anna’s adventure made her grow as a person and maybe understand her sister a little better. I think it was much needed but I still think if they talked a lot sooner they could have avoided all this mess. They could have avoided all this mess.