Snow's Thoughts on Anna

I have rewritten this three times now. I also assume that if you're reading this then you've seen Frozen. I cannot seem to get into the idea of why I love Anna without psycho analyzing everything she does. I can't seem to do this without pointing out the things she did wrong before pointing out the things she did right. That's not why I'm writing! I believe that sisters are a reflection of what you put into them. If you love and cherish them, they will love and cherish you. So older sisters, love and cherish your little sisters. It helps them to love and cherish others! If not for my own little sister this section may never get completed!

I love Anna; I think she is a wonderful little sister sometimes overbearing but still wonderful. She is, for the most part the cause of joy and pain within Elsa's life. She is everything to Elsa, including the influence of fear and love that makes her magic terrible and great. Anna is completely unaware of this though. I think this makes some of her traits more endearing because she's not going after her sister to create better magic. Anna and Elsa were very close as children. They did everything together and when Anna couldn't sleep, Elsa would have to fix it. Anna's constant energy and wanting more and more is ultimately what leads Elsa down the path to fear. I do not (and never will) believe that Elsa meant to hurt Anna nor do I believe that Anna would have hated (or feared) her sister. Anna is taken to the trolls to save her frozen head, because the mind can be changed. (I submit, however, that I do not believe Anna was truly happy with this and would have been much happier had they not isolated the sisters.) The trolls state it is lucky that it was her mind and not her heart, because the heart is not so easily changed (thankfully). They remove the memories of magic from Anna's mind, but keep the joy associated with snow and her sister. They then proceed to tell the King and Queen to keep Elsa's magic from everyone, including Anna. This creates a deep rooted fear in Elsa that ultimately leads to Anna's greatest pain and choice. For me, this is one of the hardest parts of the movie. It leads to the sisters' isolation. This is in part, I feel, what is responsible for most of Anna's behavior. I know it is most of what makes me sympathize and feel for her.

I admire Anna's courage for talking through the door to Elsa for years. Even though Elsa didn't respond, Anna kept trying! Her determination is heartwarming and heart breaking. I wished so much that Elsa would have said something. I feel that if Elsa had a lot of the heartache between them could have been mended. I think the real issue is that if it were me, after a while I would have most certainly opened the door again. This would be both wonderful and dreadful. Yes, I would have been reunited with my favorite person; on the other hand, would I hurt her again? I think this is why Elsa didn't speak to Anna. But I love that Anna kept trying despite her sister's silence. I feel like she held onto the idea that her sister still loved her even though she didn't say anything in return. She still wanted to be close to Elsa. And for me, it is important to note that I think she went back everyday showing that Elsa was first and foremost in her thoughts. I love that about her, despite the fact that it would have caused Elsa a lot of heartache. She just wanted to know that Elsa was there and that she was thinking about her.

After being reunited after years of separation the sisters get along just fine. I was so worried that their reuniting would be awkward! No, they handled it so gracefully, uniting in their love of chocolate and joy at seeing each other again. It is those sisters that I want to see a lot of. The two that love each other unconditionally even though they don't say anything important. It's not until Anna introduces her fiance and wants Elsa's blessing that things go awry. Long story short, Anna got engaged to a man she just met and Esla refused to approve of it. I believe in true love and soul mates, so I have no issue with Anna wanting to get married to the man she thinks is right for her! I believe that each person has someone specifically for them and that they should embrace that with everything. I would not accept the idea that my sister brought home her soul mate and wanted to marry him right away (even though I believe in the idea). I would be hesitant, to say the least. Certainly, I would want to talk to her about it and get to know the guy (but let's face it, my little sister could easily win me over). I think that there is so much time wasted between Elsa and Anna. They don't talk to each other. I wish that Anna would listen to Elsa and vice versa.

I think what they really needed was to be alone and to talk. So, it's frustrating for me when they have differing opinions over Hans. They argue; Elsa feels that Anna is way too trusting. Anna feels that it's better than shutting people out (a clear call that she feels shut out by Elsa as she hasn't seen or head from her in years). Yes, Anna is too trusting, it's a quality I find endearing because she can see the good in people (which beats being cynical). Elsa does shut people out, but it's all she's been afforded.

Their arguement shakes Elsa and makes it so she cannot control her magic. Arendelle gets covered in ice and Elsa leaves. Party goers call Elsa a monster and want to do something about it. Anna goes after Elsa to help her. To prove that Elsa is not a monster. To prove that Elsa is as fantastic and wonderful as she remembers, and to apologize for pressing her into an idea and for saying mean things. I love that despite the fact Anna knows she caused part of the issue, she also sees that she is the only solution. She realizes that she can go and talk to Elsa. She believes that Elsa will be reasonable enough to listen to her. Finally! I feel happy thinking about it because if they sat down to talk, I'm sure all would be forgiven. After all, Anna recognizes that she made a mistake and she is going to fix it. She takes responsibility for her actions, even though she doesn't realize exactly what is going on. (I always hoped she would somehow remember Elsa's magic and that would help save the day, and was quite disappointed when it didn't happen). In truth, Anna doesn't need to know about Elsa's magic or exactly what is going on; she just knows that Arendelle is in trouble, she knows that Elsa needs help. Anna knows that Elsa caused it because she said something hurtful, and she's determined to fix it. At the same time, Anna knows that the only way to fix it is to get Elsa's help. She still relies on Elsa, even if it's because she has too. I love that Anna accepts responsibility for her actions, although part of me wonders if she just wanted to get away. Still, I felt very assured that if she got away it had to be with Elsa or there would be little freedom or joy in it for her.

When the sisters are reunited she is in awe of Elsa's abilities. She wants Elsa to make the winter stop, but she doesn't get into that before complimenting her sister. I love this, because Anna doesn't jump straight into let's fix this. Anna turned out to be surprisingly tactful about it (for the first time in her life). I think that she handled it very well, because Elsa even seemed very comfortable. I appreciated that. On the other hand, when Anna does start trying to get Elsa to fix it she's forceful. Anna says "Let's fix this together!" Anna's optimism is probably what helped Elsa get through a lot of stuff when they were kids. I appreciate her optimism because I am an optimist. My main issue with Anna is that once she has an idea in her head she cannot let it go. In turn this leads her to pushing solely for that idea. This creates an extra heartache for Elsa, who I believe always heard Anna but never responded. Now, face to face with Anna she has to say something and she's just terrified of hurting her again. Anna spent so many years waiting for a reply but I wonder if she were truly listening for one. Did she know Elsa was on the other side of the door crying?

I'm not saying that this is all Anna's fault (nor is it all Elsa's) but the sisters spend so much time not listening to each other that I feel crazy. Ultimately, fear had gripped Elsa's heart, and this is something Anna could not or never would see. How could she? Elsa didn't take the time to explain it and Anna doesn't read minds. She can't simply know, someone needs to tell her for her to understand. She fell out of synch with her sister. For some of her insights she was still very blind to things in front of her. Both a relieving and frustrating experience for me because I knew how much she genuinely loved Elsa. This made it particularly difficult for Anna to break through. In her optimism and youth (that's the best way I can describe her energy and lack of knowledge) she continued to press and made Elsa feel as though she were backed into a corner. This is ultimately what leads to the freezing of Anna's heart. Something I feel, was not intentional at all. Certainly, Anna didn't even seem to think of it as being truly hurtful so much as shocking. Elsa spent years avoiding Anna to protect her, even when pressed did not want to hurt her sister and ultimately did. Anna never knew this and so I feel deeply for her. I wanted her to know that Elsa tried so hard to protect her. Her injury comes as a great shock to poor Anna who was under the belief that Elsa would never hurt her. It's still true. But it needs an amendment. Elsa would never intentionally hurt Anna. It's important to note that Elsa and Anna loved each other very much. They never set out to hurt each other, but sometimes they did. I know that I never intend to hurt my sister but the truth is that I do. It's very hard to love someone because we are not always tactful, wonderful, or listening. I love that Anna wants to do her best for Elsa (and vice versa) but I also loathe how focused and self-centered that they can be. Anna wanting Elsa to come back because she knows they can save the kingdom together. Anna's self knowledge and judgment of her (and Elsa's) abilities is a bit aggravating, I feel this because she doesn't Elsa's feelings into consideration (in fact she just assumes Elsa can fix it, but Elsa struggles with the idea of making it stop). Elsa's intense desire to protect Anna through isolation bugs me too, because she doesn't think of Anna's feelings. Again, I'm struck by the idea that the sisters want every much to be together but don't always listen to each other.

The dynamic of give and take with sisters is small and gigantic at the same time. Siblings can often be a child's first friends. We tend to take them for granted. This is no less true for Anna and Elsa. Elsa throws out her sister. Elsa has lived years in isolation, at that point it was the only thing she knew. I wanted to hug Anna. Anna is shaken by this. Later, due to Elsa's previous attack, Anna's heart starts to freeze. I was surprised how she never blamed Elsa until someone else brought it up. This shows me how much she truly loved and believed that Elsa would never hurt her (again, I'm just going to add in the word intentionally). It is said that only true love can save her. It's not what one would expect. I am so thankful for the surprise ending! I couldn't be happier with the idea. As Elsa is in trouble and Anna is about to turn into a crystal because her heart is freezing, she chooses to turn to crystal and save her sister versus saving herself. I appreciate that the most important thing for Anna was no longer Anna and was no longer trying to save herself or the great things she could do. It was about saving Elsa. Elsa had always been a source of joy and wonder for Anna. At the last minute she chooses her sister over her own life, she stops being the energetic little girl and she is all she has ever been. She is Anna, a little sister loving her big sister with everything she is and ever will be. I love that. Anna is simply Elsa's little sister and that's all I ever wanted her to be!

It frustrates me that Anna is so energetic sometimes. It frustrates me because she has been alone for so long and that she is starved for attention from the one person she wants it from. She does little things that cause her sister heartache that in turn causes herself greater heartache. She is simply a little sister being a little sister and that does not mean that for all my frustrations I don't love her. I love Anna because she is strong willed and energetic. Anna wants to experience life. Above all she loves her sister. She wants to experience all of life and know all the new things she can with Elsa. Because a life without her sister is far too lonely and far too sad. She wanted to save what was most important to her. I respect that. I love that, because that is easily the choice I would always make.